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Which expansion joint is best suited to your application? We give you advice in this regard on the basis of your process, wishes, and budget. In the process, we look at pressure, temperature, and environmental factors, among other things. When speaking of your wishes, we consider speed versus quality as an example. When it comes to the budget, we look at whether the optimum solution also falls within this range or whether we should opt for a cheaper, while still good, alternative. 

In some cases, a tailor-made metal expansion joint is the solution, in other cases a standard rubber expansion joint is the best solution. Both have advantages and disadvantages such as suitability for use at extreme temperatures and metal fatigue in metal expansion joints versus flexibility and wear/tear in rubber expansion joints. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we can offer you optimal advice in this regard. 

If we see that there is another alternative to an expansion joint, we will advise you accordingly. We focus on the best technical option for your process. 



When rubber expansion joints or silicone components offer the right solution, we can deliver them from stock as standard. In metal expansion joints, customization is very important.

In the case of metal expansion joints, our engineers calculate the dimensions and properties that they must meet. In the calculation, we take into account the working pressure, temperatures, and medium in your process as well as the pipe expansion and number of movements the expansion joint has to absorb. On this basis, we determine the material type of the expansion joint and the expected service life of the product.

In the calculation, we use our own expertise and the formulas of the Expansion Joint Manufacturers Association (EJMA). We also work closely with your company's technical department to ensure that all expansion joints fully comply with your specification and requirements.


After calculating the best solution, we provide the visualisation. We draw our solution as part of your process. In doing so, we take into account all the components present.


We outsource the production of the bellows for our expansion joints. We have been cooperating with a number of leading factories for many years. We know they have the knowledge and skills to manufacture the right products, high-quality products.

Thanks to the expertise they have available, the manufacturers are also a valuable sparring partner. By combining our knowledge and strengths, we come up with the best solutions for every application and technical challenge. In addition, AMCO Europe is currently working on its own workshop for rapid and skilled in-house production.


Once the bellows arrive, we assemble the expansion joint. Depending on your wishes and situation, we can also weld the expansion joint to a special flange or weld end (pipe). We deliver the expansion joint to you ready for installation.

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