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Our products


Metal expansion joints

Our customized work ensures better operation and longer life for the metal expansion joints as well as optimal uptime for your process.


Rubber expansion joints

We have a large range of LR-certified rubber expansion joints in all standard sizes, so we can deliver very quickly.


Stainless steel hoses

Length, flexibility, strength, resistance, and chemical resistance. Based on all these factors, we determine and deliver the best stainless steel hoses for your application.


Silicone components 

Silicone components absorb small expansions and vibrations in your system or cooling system. Thanks to our large stock, they will be delivered quickly.


About AMCO Europe

AMCO Europe is more than a supplier of metal and rubber expansion joints. In addition to supplying high-quality products, we also offer added value as a knowledge partner through advice, engineering, and assembly. We understand how crucial our components are in your process and therefore provide the best possible solution that suits your needs, machines, and processes.


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