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From its very beginnings, AMCO Europe has been a supplier of metal and rubber expansion joints. However, AMCO Europe's knowledge has its roots in a previous generation. Our founder and owner was brought up on technology and then entered the trade in 1986. These origins still play a major role today within AMCO Europe. Our company is characterized by an exceptionally high level of expertise. 

AMCO Europe is therefore more than a supplier of metal and rubber expansion joints. As a knowledge partner, we provide significant added value through consulting, engineering, and assembly. Rather than just relying on standard programmes, we know the technical background and use it to come up with the best advice and solutions. We will also visit you on site, listen to your wishes, and examine your situation on the spot to provide the best possible tailor-made work.

When fast delivery is of great importance to you, for example due to a breakdown in a critical process, AMCO Europe ensures that you can quickly resume your business. Where possible, we immediately provide the ideal solution; where necessary, we solve the problem with a temporary component to bridge the time while the actual solution is being made. Thanks to our large stocks and workshop, fast delivery is often no problem at all.

At AMCO Europe, we value both speed and quality. We calculate and draw our products ourselves, work with renowned partners for production and ensure expert assembly. Our ambition is to start producing our own expansion joints in the near future so that we can offer high-quality solutions even faster.

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If you would like more information about us or about our services, please feel free to contact us. You can reach us via the contact details or send your message directly via the form.


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