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Naval industry

A defective expansion joint can have a huge impact. Without a quick replacement, ships cannot leave the quay. That is why AMCO Europe always immediately provides a solution. Where possible this is a permanent solution, and where necessary it is a temporary component. We keep going, even when confronted with parts that are either old or of which the production has been discontinued. We deliver tailor-made work and ensure that you can sail safely again in no time. 

industrial sector

When it comes down to it, you want as few expansion joints as possible in your process. After all, they are the most vulnerable component in the whole. AMCO Europe understands that very well. In addition to providing advice on our products, we provide input with regard to alternatives. If we see that another technical solution would be better, we will say so. You are always sure of honest advice when working with us. If an expansion joint turns out to be the best solution, then with us you are assured of good, safe, and PED-certified material. Our products meet the highest standards.

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Chemicals, Oil, & Gas

Naturally, it is best to avoid taking unnecessary risks in your critical process and expansion joints are often the most vulnerable part of your process. When we see that there are better alternatives, we always say so honestly. Where expansion joints are needed, we provide high quality materials with the right chemical resistance. Our products meet the applicable standards. 


AMCO Europe is active in all sectors where vibrations and temperature changes occur in engines and processes, including the automotive, rail, dredging, and water treatment segments. Thanks to our experience and expertise, we know exactly which expansion joints and components are most suitable for a given situation and which standards they must meet. We have the right solution for every process and every machine.

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