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Rubber expansion joints

In contrast to metal expansion joints, a custom calculation is not necessary for rubber expansion joints. AMCO Europe has a large stock of rubber expansion joints in all common standard sizes and qualities. Fast delivery is therefore no problem at all.  

All rubber expansion joints from AMCO Europe have a Lloyds type approval. Quality and certification are thus ensured. 

Would you like to know if rubber expansion joints offer the best possible solution for you and which ones do so? AMCO Europe would be happy to advise you. We base our advice on standard sizes and fast delivery times while also reviewing the specific process for which you need the expansion joint. Rubber expansion joints are particularly suitable in systems where vibration or thermal expansion occurs up to a temperature of 120° Celsius, depending on the material of the rubber expansion joints.

If the temperature exceeds 120° Celsius, metal expansion joints are often a better solution. Rubber, on the other hand, is very suitable in situations where vibrations need to be absorbed. Additionally, rubber expansion joints also have good sound-insulating properties. We will be happy to give you customized advice based on your situation, wishes, and budget. 


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