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Metal expansion joints

The force of a pipe's expansion due to thermal expansion and vibration is immense and can cause considerable damage and long periods of downtime. A well-designed expansion joint is very important for this reason. 

AMCO Europe therefore always makes an accurate calculation of the most optimal metal expansion joints for your application. We take into account the conditions in your process such as pressure, temperature, medium, and frequency of movement. We also take into account your wishes regarding delivery time, budget, and acceptable lifespan. Based on this, we will design a metal expansion joint tailored to your process. 

You can contact us for the following expansion joints: 

  • Axial expansion joints
  • Lateral expansion joints
  • Angular expansion joints
  • Universal expansion joints
  • Pressure-relieved expansion joints

All our metal expansion joints are designed and manufactured according to high quality standards. As an example, we use double-walled stainless steel in AISI 321 with steel welding ends for our exhaust line, but we also offer other connections and materials.


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