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We represent the company Flexider in Italy Who is specialized in metal expansion joints for FCC crack purposes.
Also we represent the company Tcomp in Denmark for expansion joints from small diameters up to DN 5000.

Rubriek Engineering

AMCO makes the E.J.M.A Calculations for the metal expansion joints as well as all the other calculations and advise
for installation of our expansion joints , fixed points, sliding points. Etc. As well as the calculations for the tie-bars,
hinge, pressure balanced construction etc.


Working for AMCO Europe bv


AMCO is a young and fast growing company in Rotterdam who is active in the field of
Advising, assembling and supplying flexible pipe systems, such as metal expansion joints, metal hoses, Rubber expansion joints and silicone joints.

Our customers are in various markets such as Chemical and Petrochemical industries, offshore, shipyards, installation market, etc. 

Vacancies :

  • Commercial technical assistent inside sales service

AMCO Europe B.V. Kiotoweg 361 NL-3047 BG Rotterdam The Netherlands Telephone : +31 (0)10 2860244