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Our company is an international industrial supplier and distributor for rubber and stainless steel expansion joints, PTFE expansion joints, metal hoses and silicone joints for pipe line systems. These products of high standing technical development demand an overall knowledge of all the aspects of the applications in pipe line systems, ship engine’s, aggregate’s etc. We share our experience with our clients and advice them to find the best solution. We are active in practical all sections of the industry for example: refineries, petrochemicals, steel plants, paper industries, FCC regenerators, power plants, pumps, vessels, marine etc.



We just supplied our biggest square metal expansion joints with a size of ID 3100 mm x 3100 mm. for the exhaustgas system of a big container vessel. And we supplied 40 rubber expansion joints up to a diameter of 2000 mm. with tie-bars for a power plant

Rubriek Engineering

AMCO makes the E.J.M.A Calculations for the metal expansion joints as well as all the other calculations and advise for installation of our expansion joints , fixed points, sliding points. Etc. As well as the calculations for the tie-bars, hinge, pressure balanced construction etc.

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